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Coulter vs. Winfrey

So I was talking about blogging yesterday with a friend. I told her I feel (kinda) bad because I started this…

By Amanda Stutt , in Blogs Chick Politiks , on February 5, 2008

So I was talking about blogging yesterday with a friend. I told her I feel (kinda) bad because I started this  blog with the intention of discussing pertinent political debates pertaining to women (note the alliteration)and somehow, it turned into a forum within which I take shots at high profile women politicians and journalists.Where’s the sisterly love? I asked myself, feeling lousy.We started talking about how Oprah Winfrey kicks serious ass. The Angels Network is, to me, both proof that altruism really does exist, and an example of how a powerful celebrity can harness the power of the media in a way that does good, positive thingsfor disadvantaged peoples.She has my undying respect for her endeavors  in that area. There was nary a dry eye whilst Oprah’s celebrity guests guide victims of Hurricane Katriana who were left homeless through their new abodes; mothers screamed with delight at bright new kitchens and children bounced on new bunk beds. O.K- I’m gushing.But then the conversation took a sharp turn. “Since you’re taking shots, have you taken a shot at Ann Coulter?” my friend asked.  No, I didn’t. I forgot. So before cease and desist from taking potshots at prominent women journalists- I must take one more.  Ann Coulter is a controversial American columnist who likes to rant and rave about how great America is and how Canada sucks. She says a lot of questionable things, and has been called out for by her critics.  Of all the things she has said that piss me off, telling Tucker Carleson on Political Crossfire that “Americans allow Canada to exist”is the most heinous offence. Such imperialist psycho-babble airs on prime time t.v and  the woman still has a job? Wow.  O.K- I think I’ve got it all off my chest now. I will refrain from using this blog as a platform from which to launch my personal criticisms. But it was fun.