Thursday, June 13, 2024
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New indie label leads the way to a colorful year in music

“Remember,” my mom said in a prophetic tone as I headed out on New Year’s Eve. “Whatever happens after midnight is…

“Remember,” my mom said in a prophetic tone as I headed out on New Year’s Eve. “Whatever happens after midnight is an indication of what’s to come. If you start the new year well, it’ll go well.”

You've Changed Records is another nurturing force in the indie music scene. Logo courtesy of
Another nurturing force enters the indie music scene. Logo courtesy of

It seems that Steve Lambke, Dan Romano and Jessie Stein must’ve gotten similar advice from their mothers on that final night of 2008, because the Canadian rock musicians have certainly entered 2009 on the right foot. 

Lambke (of the Constantines), Romano (Attack In Black) and Stein (Miracle Fortress) announced earlier this week that they had formed a new independent record label called You’ve Changed Records. The label was originally formed so Attack In Black could release a split EP—which is slated to be released early this summer—in conjunction with Toronto’s Baby Eagle.

But it wasn’t long before their exclusive party turned into a full-fledged shebang.  

New Brunswick’s Shotgun Jimmie was soon added to the roster, and now the label’s Myspace page is promising fans that there’ll be “much more by other wonderful Canadian artists to come.”  It’s great to see these guys dive right into the new year.

According to an article in Exclaim!  Magazine, independent acts and the independent labels that support them “are the musical equivalent of the slow-food movement: locally sourced, community-supported micro-productions that give us higher-nutrient, better tasting music.”

In the long run, the ambition and originality professed by You’ve Changed Records challenges other indie labels and artists alike to keep kicking things up a notch in order to compete. If You’ve Changed Records is any indication of the type of year ahead of us, then we should be doing a little happy dance right about now. 

Already, the releases for the first half of the year are looking mighty fine. Even CBC Radio 3 is optimistic that 2009 will be musically fruitful. 

I know I’m pumped.

I mean, new Jenn Grant!? Hot Panda!? Swan Lake!? Great Lake Swimmers!? 

Let’s just say my student loan won’t be going towards tuition this term.