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Love is in the air….and it's stagnant

Let’s go through the checklist, shall we? Dinner reservations made. Check. Hair appointment booked. Check. Outfit bought and legs shaved….

By Sarah Stenabaugh , in Feminizer: Western cultural values , on February 6, 2009 Tags: , , ,

Let’s go through the checklist, shall we?

Dinner reservations made. Check. Hair appointment booked. Check. Outfit bought and legs shaved. Check, check.

Looks like my Valentine’s Day plans are coming together nicely.

Wait a minute. Something is missing…..

Where the heck is my date? Blasted. Looks like Cupid took another lengthy coffee break. Again.

Now that my checklist has been rendered useless, I did what most people would do before Valentine’s Day: Google search what’s out there for us lonely folk on February 14.

Unfortunately, I found limited results. Meaning one result. It seems like the only thing happening in this city is The Cellar’s anti-Valentine’s Day after work party and it’s being held two days earlier than the big V-Day.

The other results proved even more useless. They were pratically Valentine’s Day survival guides. Here are some of their tips:

  • Go out with your single friends.
  • Do not turn on the T.V.
  • Go somewhere where they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, like a convent.
  • Celebrate you.

And here’s the icing on the cake:

  • Don’t focus on why you can’t find a relationship but on the reasons why you’re not in a relationship and what you need to do to find a healthy one.

Wow. I completely agree with the going out with your single friends and the pampering bit, but I in no way agree with sitting around your house trying to decipher why you’re single and how to change it. I also disagree with visiting a convent and/or converting into a nun.

So, for you happy spinsters (or not) I suggest you ignore the above tips and take a look at some of mine:

  • Go out with your single friends, but go out Sex and the City style. Dress-up to the nines and cash in on some of those “dinner for two” specials.
  • Celebrate you- but don’t just stop at the pedicure. Go get the manicure, body massage, facial, and seaweed wrap too.
  • Feeling adventurous? Step out of your comfort zone and do something that you would normally never do, whether it be bungee jumping, wearing leather, or taking belly dancing lessons.
  • Write down ten reasons why you love being single while eating a giant piece of New York cheesecake.
  • Invite your girlfriends over for a night of fondue, wine, and a good old game of pin the tail on the “ex.”

In any case, instead of giving the stink-eye express to the cute couples that will be walking hand-in-hand and eating dinner by candlelight, slap that frown upside down and remember that on February 14, you’ll be partying like it’s 1999.

Feel free to add any of your great Valentine’s Day ideas below.