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Goodbye Stress, Hello Anusara

Tuesday was a good day. As a student it can be hard to make time for yourself. But when you…

By Sarah Buell , in On the Mat: The student yogi life , on March 17, 2010 Tags: , , ,

Tuesday was a good day. As a student it can be hard to make time for yourself. But when you do, I have to say it’s quite fantastic. After two years of practicing yoga  here and there, on Tuesday I found myself trying a new style of yoga, Anusara.

This tradition is commonly refereed to as “Yoga of the heart.”

Image compliments of Flickr user lululemon athletica

It’s a form of hatha yoga that concentrates on the connection between the breath and movements. Created in 1997 by John Friend, the style is fairly new. According to Friend, the style  is growing in popularity. Friend’s  summarizes the style’s goals.

The class, which was open to all levels, focused on opening the body  for more than just  getting a better stretch and aiding in digestion (which it does as well). In Anusara, the yogi is meant to connect with his/her spirit to find the divine within him/her self.

With my busy student life I often struggle to find time to get to a class. This means when I’m there I aim  to get the most out of it (i.e a good solid regrouping). I got what I came for.

The class  began by chanting three oms (which always sound so beautiful). This was followed by another chant specific to this particular style. I will admit I didn’t sing along even though the words were placed in front of me. With my voice I’m sure it was more enjoyable for everyone that way.

After the chanting, we ran through a series of sun salutations (a flow of postures intended to open the body, warming it up), followed by balancing postures and more body opening work. This meant many back bends. Full disclosure, mine still hurt the next day, but in a good way.

When the class finished I was more relaxed, grounded and happier the rest of the day.

Well done Anasura, we will meet again.

I’ve looked into it, and from what I can find there are four studios in Vancouver that  have Anasura on their schedule.

*Inner Space Yoga

*YYoga Flow

*YYoga Yaletown


All four studios offer student discounts on membership purchases.

If your just looking for a general studio nearby or a workshop etc., I’ve found yogavancouver to be fairly comprehensive.

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