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Visible minorities invasion on major league

It is hard to walk by one block in Vancouver without spotting an Asian, Persian, Indian or any other kind…

By michelleha , in The Minority Report: Lives of visible minorities in Metro Vancouver , on March 23, 2010

It is hard to walk by one block in Vancouver without spotting an Asian, Persian, Indian or any other kind of visible minorities.

This morning’s edition of had pictures of three visible minorities looking sharp and proud. The headline read, “as minority population booms, a visible majority emerges.” predicted by 2031, nearly 60 % of Vancouverites will belong to visible minority groups. The article acknowledged the difficulties and obstacles Canada would face in order to achieve harmony among various cultures and to truly blend together. However, as a Korean immigrant in Canada, I cannot help but wonder, “is it ever possible for visible minorities to play major roles in Canada?” (it is my impression that people from various immigrant groups already play enormous roles in the country? what evidence do you have to suggest otherwise?)

In the United States of America, Obama achieved a historical sensation by getting elected as the first African-American president of the nation. When he wowed our neighbouring country, many Canadian journalists questioned if it was likely for our nation to give birth to a visible minority Prime Minister. Many answered, “sure, maybe… in the future.”

Really? Can you imagine a Korean-born Prime Minister? Or a Chinese one? Could visible minorities truly emerge as major league players in Canada? Statistics Canada says by 2031 we (the visible minorities) will be the new emerging majorities but I would say it would take far longer than that to put various cultural aspects in one pot and melt them together without any explosions. I wonder what other members of visible minorities have to say about this and I better run outside and find out what they have to say.