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Life in Canada without science: Fiction or reality?

What would happen in Canada with a government that doesn’t take scientific knowledge into account when making decisions? We would…

By Alberto Mendoza Galina , in 2012 Blogs Voice of Reason: Science Policy in Harper's Canada , on February 7, 2012 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

What would happen in Canada with a government that doesn’t take scientific knowledge into account when making decisions?

We would destroy the most important tool we have to evaluate the needs of all Canadians; and we will not be able to design and implement programs to solve our problems: Statistics Canada long form census.

We may end up spending billions of dollars in war planes while our health system continues to deteriorate.

We will try to kill a program that supplies safe needles for drug addicts; in the face of medical scientific facts that are telling us that not only does it work in preventing disease, but enables and foster rehabilitation.

We would invest millions of dollars and change our crime legislation known as Bill C 10 at the time when we have the highest level of security, the lowest level of crime in the life of our young country.

Maybe the salmon farming industry may end up destroying the B.C. water ecosystems, killing marine mammals, and many other plants and animals. We will be endangering wild salmon by introducing viruses and parasites into their environment and life cycle.

We would be lying to our people by saying we are driven by sustainability when at the same time we are not investing in the creation of technology to produce and use non polluting energy sources.

We would continue to destroy our planet by supporting carbon based energy sources that generate green house gas emissions and promotes climate change. We will continue with the exploitation of the Tar Sands.

We would ignore the world’s famous environmental Canadian scientists when they are frantically telling us that we are in the path of irreversible damage.

We may end up leaving the Kyoto agreement to fight climate change and we will not even have to explain ourselves; we will just say it is in the best interest of the Canadian people.

We will be in a Canada that makes it an industry goal to sell poison that kills thousands of people a year in other parts of the world. If you want asbestos, we will sell it to you with a clear conscious.

We will disintegrate the Canadian institution that has provided food to all of us and protected our farmer’s way of life: The Canadian Wheat Board, leaving farmers exposed to international corporations eager to own them and our food. We would even do it regardless of our justice Supreme Court objections that it is illegal; it’s simple, we just change the rules, the government never loses.

Harper’s Canada: Fiction or reality?