Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Climate change a top issue for young people in deciding how to vote

Turnout was high in the 2015 federal election among young people, when job opportunities were the biggest issue for them. Things have changed.

By Rashika Srivastava , in Elections Voters , on October 16, 2019

One key questions for those watching the 2019 federal election is: What will young people do?

In 2015, the participation of voters 18-24 jumped by almost 20 per cent. According to Elections Canada, the increase was the highest since the agency began recording demographic data in 2004.

The turnout for voters between 25 and 34 also increased significantly. 

This year, all the major political parties targeted youth voters with campaigns and outreach efforts.

Here, some of them speak for themselves about why they vote and which issue matters most.










* The statistics are from the Abacus Data “The Next Canada” survey report from April, 2016

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