Wednesday, February 21, 2024
News, analysis and commentary by UBC Journalism students

Alexis Stoymenoff

Alexis is a first-year master’s student at UBC’s School of Journalism.  She is an active 23-year-old with a passion for music, art, and being outdoors.  

Alexis grew up in Markham, Ontario and completed a Media Studies degree at The University of Western Ontario.

Before coming to Vancouver, she contributed to her university’s student-run paper, The UWO Gazette, and also produced a podcast for alternative media site  During her undergraduate studies, she researched and wrote extensively about cultural and technological shifts in the media industries, taking a deeper look at how online media has changed the methods of production and distribution of popular music.

Alexis has also written for SoundProof, a Canadian online music magazine.  Her interests are in arts and culture reporting, but she welcomes the opportunity to write about whatever else comes her way.