Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Amanda Ash

Amanda Ash is a Master of Journalism student at the University of British Columbia. 

While pursuing her Undergraduate Degree in Honors English at the University of Alberta, Amanda got involved with the campus newspaper, the Gateway, and was hooked on journalism from that point forward.

Arts and culture reporting is her area of specialization, but music journalism is her forte. From 2006-2007, Amanda worked as the Entertainment Editor for the Gateway while freelancing for publications such as SEE Magazine, BeatRoute Magazine, Chart Magazine, and the Edmonton Journal‘s /ed Magazine.

Amanda currently freelances for the Vancouver Sun, CBC Radio 3, the Edmonton Journal, Exclaim! Magazine, the Georgia Straight and NIGHTLIFE Magazine, and is the Online Content Editor for the bi-weekly newsletter NIGHTLIFE News Edmonton. She is also a juror for the Polaris Music Prize and was a juror for this year’s Hockey Night In Canada Anthem Challenge.

In her spare time, Amanda likes watching all nine seasons of The X-Files and dancing to Justin Timberlake until 3 a.m.