Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Fabiola Carletti

Fabiola CarlettiFabiola Carletti is currently working toward a Master’s degree at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism, with a specialization in Environmental Studies.

She recently graduated summa cum laude from York University, having earned an honours double major in Professional Writing and Communications Studies.

While at York, Fabiola spent most of her time in the basement hideout of MacMedia Magazine, serving time as the paper’s News Editor and then graduating to Features Editor for her final two years. She was also selected as the magazine’s senior representative for the 2009 Canadian University Press Conference in Saskatchewan.

In Vancouver, she has freelanced for The Ubyssey and Schema Magazine.

Fabiola enjoys embarking on coffee-fuelled writing binges, listening to CBC radio, and messing around with multimedia.

Her digital footprints are all over the internet, but you can learn more about her by visiting her blog, reading her complete resume, or chasing her around on twitter.

She is fluent in Spanish and has an intermediate grasp of French.