Thursday, November 30, 2023
News, analysis and commentary by UBC Journalism students

Hilary Atkinson

Hilary Atkinson is working to achieve her Master of Journalism at the University of British Columbia. She received her Honours in English Literature and a Minor in Classical Studies from Bishop’s University in Quebec.

Hilary looking forward to her future from the Hosios Loukos Monastery, Greece.

Studying journalism at Worcester University, England, on a third-year exchange program, Hilary discovered her journalistic spirit and she has not looked back since. Hilary also studied Classical Art and Architecture in Greece, spring 2009. Travel has been integral to both her education and her voluminous student debt.

A sports and hockey enthusiast, Hilary is specializing in sports journalism. She believes that the future of sports writing is in a integration of sports and culture because of the culturally diverse audiences in society. She is particularly interested in the CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada project that supports broadcasting in multiple languages and opens doors for new immigrants to enjoy Canadian culture.

Hilary wishes to one day become a hockey analyst, columist or broadcaster and bring new, innovative and interesting aspects to the game. Her other interests include travel writing, blogging, shopping/fashion, soccer, screenwriting, and trying to predict winning lottary numbers.

Her favorite author is Sophie Kinsella, author of a the Shopaholic novels. Her role model is former SNL personality Molly Shannon.