Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Jessica Linzey

Losing boots to Bay of Fundy mud flatsA native of Nova Scotia by way of the Yukon, Ontario and Quebec, Jessica got her start in journalism as an editorial intern with Halifax’s alt-weekly, The Coast. After two years with the paper, she packed her bags for the warmer climes of Scotland and then Italy, where she spent a year tending vines and encouraging kitchen discos at the Castello di Potentino. London was next, and stints with The Frontline Club, NewsXchange, and the Riz Khan Show on Al Jazeera English.

Jessica returned to Canada in the spring of 2007, promptly fell in love, and spent the next 18 months learning how to make radio and cobbling together a living as a freelance journalist and researcher in Halifax, Berlin and finally Vancouver.

In an effort to rid her life of boxes, Jessica bought a loft in Vancouver in the summer of 2009, enrolled as a Master of Journalism student at the University of British Columbia, and made plans to learn how to be a passenger in a bush plane. She will not miss those east coast winters.