Thursday, September 28, 2023
News, analysis and commentary by UBC Journalism students

Monica Tanaka

I’m a first year journalism student at the University of British Columbia. After spending a year abroad living and working in London, England I decided to come home and try my hand at journalism. I have a degree in Biology and Psychology from McGill University. I would like to write stories about science. I have a particular interest in writing about the intersection of the human mind and body.

I’ve published in the McGill Daily and the Carleton Charlatan. I’ve also interned at the BBC Focus magazine, a science and technology monthly based in Bristol. I was drawn to UBCs journalism masters program by their Science Journalism Research Group. Through the initiative, the science journalism team will explore how controversial science is communicated. We have created a blog, Science Journalism Perspectives, that will include comment and insight from science conferences and public lectures that we’ve attended.

Besides spending countless hours searching my brain for creative ideas, I hope to spend considerable time hitting the slopes at the local mountains. Creativity comes when one least expects it.