Monday, June 17, 2024
News, analysis and commentary by UBC Journalism students

Rosemary Keevil-Fairburn

Rosemary Keevil-Fairburn is taking her masters in journalism at the University of British Columbia.

Rosemary attended Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario, and obtained her Bachelors of Journalism from Carleton University, Ottawa. Her first job in the media was as an editorial assistant in the Global TV newsroom. 

Her other media jobs have included: current affairs radio talk show host for CFUN (CHUM Network), Vancouver; and news reporter for CFTO (CTV). She says the technology has changed dramatically since she was chasing ambulances in Toronto for CFTO, and is enthusiastic about refreshing her journalism skills and gaining the cutting edge multi-media skills for researching and communicating. 

Her most recent media posting was as the managing editor of a professional womens’ magazine. Even though Scarlett is no longer in publication, it received rave reviews for its editorial content.  Her secret desire is to write a column for a national, daily newspaper. She figures she could capitalize on the various curve balls life has pitched at her. To that end, she is half way through the writing of her autobiography. 

If you see Rosemary sipping coffee at the SUB with a honours science student, it’s likely one of her two grown daughters.