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Local rockers support Insite in more ways than one

If you haven’t already heard, Vancouver rock quintet Black Mountain played a free outdoor show on December 6, 2008. But it wasn’t just any free show. This particular concert was in support of Canada’s only safe injection site, located near the corner of Hastings and Main Street.

The political message was simple: “f*** Stephen Harper.”

(I’m not kidding—this exact phrase was shouted into the microphone repeatedly).

But during more tactful moments, these local musicians sought to warn the federal government that Insite saves lives on the streets of Vancouver. Organized by the Portland Hotel Society (PHS), the afternoon event also featured free burgers, stilt walkers, and sheets upon sheets of cold December rain.

By Sarah Berman , in Outdoor Voices: Music, arts and culture in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside , on January 13, 2009