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Remedies for that cold

It’s that time of year. No, not when you fail to stick to your New Year’s resolutions but when you…

By Anna Fong , in Blogs Health and wellness , on January 18, 2008

It’s that time of year. No, not when you fail to stick to your New Year’s resolutions but when you wake up with a scratchy throat and stuffy nose.

Yes, it’s cold and flu season again.

And despite getting the flu shot some people still get sick and reach for over-the-counter cold medications. Yet, if you’re an infant you must rely upon old-fashioned remedies.

Yesterday, there was a news article reminding parents about the recall of infant cold medications.

Last October, the U.S Food and Drug Administration issued the recall and more media coverage was generated because there were worries some parents were unaware.

This story made me wonder whether adults should be taking cold medications.

I have always been interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other natural remedies, so I asked an international group of students about home remedies they have tried.

Here is a brief list of my findings:

The countries indicate where the person is from and not necessarily the origin of the treatment. Also, I do not endorse these treatments, so please use discretion if you try one.

For sore throats
• Crocodile meat in tea (China) It has a bitter taste and it may actually cause sore throats because people are selling “fake crocodile” meat.

• Three leaf tea (Zimbabwe). Boil fresh leaves from the gum tree, guava tree and lemon tree.

• Honey, lemon, peppermint leaves, ginger or apple cider vinegar are used in teas, either taken in combination or alone.

For flu symptoms
• Linden tea (Venezuela and Turkey). Flowers, leaves and wood of the Linden tree are used.

• Agua panela tea (Columbia). Drink it while wrapped in a warm blanket to encourage sweating.

• Concentrated oregano. Smells delicious! Unless your nose is too stuffed up to enjoy the aroma.