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Good frat candidates a rarity in AMS elections

UBC’s fraternities are hermetic worlds that often feel drowned out and isolated. Every year a member tries to reach out…

By Jesse Ferreras , in Blogs UBC Outsider , on January 20, 2008

UBC’s fraternities are hermetic worlds that often feel drowned out and isolated. Every year a member tries to reach out to the broader community by running in the AMS elections, and almost every year he loses.

That’s a trend I’m confident will end this year with Azim Wazeer, a very qualified candidate for Senate.

I’ve been a fraternity member since 2002 and I’ve seen many a fellow fratboy try and fail to win election. This time it could work. Mr. Wazeer, also the AMS Business Operations Commissioner, makes perfectly clear how proud he is to be a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity, but it’s not the central pillar of his campaign. He has used both affiliations to his advantage where other candidates have tried to hide their fraternity membership.

Mr. Wazeer responded brilliantly to a loutish question from Senator Tariq Ahmed at Thursday night’s debate at the Gallery. Mr. Ahmed asked each candidate to say, without explanation, how many meetings they had attended before deciding to run.

Mr. Wazeer, having attended none, acquitted himself brilliantly: “I think it’s somewhat unfair to ask for absolutes without asking for an explanation… The reason why I haven’t attended senate meetings is because I’m extremely committed to my fraternity… I’m making a sacrifice by not attending [fraternity] meetings on Wednesday if I do get elected.”

People asking questions at these debates often get high on the thought that they really hammered a candidate. In this case the candidate nailed his inquisitor.

I should note that Mr. Wazeer’s bravura performance came in sharp contrast to that of Rob McLean, a member of Beta Theta Pi. Instead of sitting and listening he got up from the table, bought a pitcher of beer and drank it as the other candidates spoke. Classy.


  • Rob McLean is not a fit for the senate. He does not have the experience for it. Also he is quite inconsiderate and does not have the right intentions for ubc students. His track record of electoral defeats proves this point.the students don’t trust him now nor will they ever.

  • I have known Azim Wazeer ever since the day he was born. I can say, without a doubt, he has great character, charisma and attributes that will provide only the best results, if he is elected. Although he is my younger brother, I have deep respect for him and all he stands for. Best of luck!

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