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Super Bowl-me-over

After spending about an hour watching super bowl ads back to back on myspace I have to say there was…

By Amy Hadley , in Blogs Consumerland , on February 5, 2008

After spending about an hour watching super bowl ads back to back on myspace I have to say there was some first-rate entertainment to be had, but there was also a fair bit of confusion.

Half of the time I was left wondering exactly what the joke was, or what the point was that the marketers meant to make.

Maybe they just weren’t aimed at me. Maybe I’m too square to understand what the kids are talking about these days. Maybe I’m over-thinking. For example: I suggest that a Pepsi ad featuring Justin Timberlake is poking fun at itself for being stupid and immature with a short opening sequence where J.T. criticizes his friend’s childish prank. My roommate says no – it’s just a joke about putting straws up your nose.

Post-viewing riddles aside, here’s a run down of my faves and not so faves, award style*:

Best beer ad
My vote goes to this inspirational Budweiser spot. Everyone loves beautiful animals and the beautiful theme from Rocky, right? I’m right. And there’s not a decorative blonde in sight. I’ll drink a crappy beer to that!

Best use of a squirrel
Don’t tell me this isn’t a credible category. I tell you what’s a category. And best use of a squirrel goes to this delightfully cutesy-wutesy Bridgestone car ad.

Best use of an animal that isn’t a squirrel

Don’t make me tell you again about the categories thing. There were a lot of good animal ads, okay? So deal. Simply because badgers aren’t featured enough in anything, ever, the award goes to this Toyota Corolla ad.

It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is. You can’t deny that those shorts get you hot. I recommend that you light some candles and invite your lover(s) to watch this commercial for both Bud Light and yet another formulaic comedy. Saucy.

It’s a talking stain, people! Those Tide people are geniuses. It’s so funny because it’s so true. And his haircut is awful too, oh my yes, so clever.

False advertising alert! Okay, I tried this, and do you know how many men gave me the eye, or walked into a postbox? Well, one elderly drunk, but that was all. Way to play on my insecurities you insensitive Planters jerks. Stupid ad.

The “What the #@*%?” honourable mention
It’s not a good kind of honour. This Doritos ad speaks for itself, just not in any language I’m familiar with.

Anywhoo, these were some tough categories to judge, so I recommend you follow my lead and throw an hour down the toilet to watch them all yourself on myspace. High times, friends!

*Awards may not be official. Corporate gifts in appreciation of unofficial awards welcome.


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