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Farewell Mitt Romney

Yesterday was a tragic day for liberal democrats in America. Mitt Romney dropped out of the Republican race. I was…

By Amanda Stutt , in Blogs Chick Politiks , on February 9, 2008

Yesterday was a tragic day for liberal democrats in America.

Mitt Romney dropped out of the Republican race.

I was horrified.

I was greatly enjoying watching, on a daily basis, the Republican race unfolding as a veritable circus performance.

Ron Paul isn’t a real Republican, he just wants to gain enough publicity to build the momentum for an independent run. He may very well prove to be a nuanced version of Ralph Nader. (Where is he, anyway?).

Rudy Guiliani was so ensconced in a state of false security that he didn’t even bother to campaign until the Florida primary, and shot himself in the foot with those ill-conceived ‘ground-zero hero’ images.

Mike Huckabee has about as much as much street credibility as a Southern Baptist Preacher with stars in his eyes possibly could.

The point is that their respective and competitive campaigns served only to illustrate the fractured and chaotic state of the Republican Party.

But they figured it out, and one by one dropped out and organized themselves by endorsing the only viable conduit to another run in the drivers seat; John McCain. The Republicans have regrouped. They now have, once again, a clear and strong leader.

This is gloomy news for Democrats because when they go up against McCain they will have a fight on their hands. If they went up against Romney it would be a joke, like Ward Cleaver trying to fight Margaret Thatcher or Martin Luther King Jr.

They figured it out. I was hoping they wouldn’t. I sit uneasy know, and hope the Demorats make their choice, make it wisely, and make it soon.


  • Were you complimenting or insulting Ron Paul when you said he wasn’t a real neocon? Oh I know you said republican, but I think you should say neocon.

    Neocons are warmongers first and foremost. Your hero Romney showed us his true warmongering colors in his “swan song at CPAC” . He hid it for awhile and I think thats why the neocon lackeys did him in.

    And for you their methods seemed to work. You didn’t even have a clue who the neocons are!

  • In fact, Romney raised 10 million dollars in one day a couple of weeks ago from well-heeled party bigwigs and Wall Street insiders, many of whom ponied up the legal maximum of $2,500 per person (or $5,000 per couple).

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