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I limboed for pasties; and other burly-q stories

I cheat at limbo. I cheated in kindergarten and ended up getting stuck in the eye by the birthday girl’s…

By Stephanie Hallett , in Half Off: Burlesque in Vancouver , on March 22, 2010 Tags: , , , , , , , ,

I cheat at limbo.

I cheated in kindergarten and ended up getting stuck in the eye by the birthday girl’s party hat. And I cheated at the pub night last Friday … and  won a pair of purple pasties!

Yes, I’ve learned my lesson indeed. When it comes to beer and boobies, everyone’s a winner.

Not only did I win these sweet pasties on Friday (by going backwards and bent the wrong way, bum first, under the limbo bar), money was made for some really important organizations.

Girls on Top Risque Cabaret is made up of an amazing bunch of women. The dancers are all volunteers and every penny raised at their shows goes to three women’s organizations in Vancouver – , and . These groups support women in vulnerable positions, including women who are survivors of violence and women in the survival sex trade. The founder of GoT, Madame Mae I, wanted to use the talents of burlesque dancers to raise awareness about issues affecting women’s sexuality and the heinous appropriation of sex in violence.

Girls On Top has become a voice for sexual empowerment, spreading the message that those who have had their power taken away – through assault, abuse, or systematic oppression – deserve support and understanding so that they can take it back with pride.

– From the Girls on Top Mission Statement

Girls on Top, you’ve officially received my feisty feminist seal of approval.

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As a long-time burlesque enthusiast I have to say the pub is my least favourite venue for burly-q. Particularly Darby’s Pub in Kitsilano… I’m sorry to say it but I don’t think the west side gets it

quite like the east side (*cue rotten tomatoes, probably from the bin behind Capers*). But! After the first fabulous performance by, and perhaps a round or two of drinks, the crowd warmed up a little bit and got the hang of the burlesque cabaret. Here’s a tip west-siders: Hooting, hollering and clapping are encouraged, in fact, any kind of reaction is welcome! Just show us you’re feeling it!

Thanks for sticking it out, ladies. Knicker Twister, Pin-the-Pasties (like Pin-the-Tail on the Donkey), sassy go-go and of course limbo made Friday night a good one, in spite of a few dud(e)s in the crowd.


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