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Halloween 2007

The origins of Halloween Halloween is a holiday based on remembering the dead, and them coming back to visit you….

By Melanie Kuxdorf , in Culture , on October 25, 2007

The origins of HalloweenThe dead return on All-Hallows Eve

Halloween is a holiday based on remembering the dead, and them coming back to visit you.

The origin of Halloween was an ancient Celtic celebration, called Samhain. October 31 is the day before the Celtic New Year, and the day when the Celts believed the worlds of the living and the dead would blur. Druids, the ancient Celtic version of priests, were thought to best predict the future at this time when the old year was ending and a new one beginning. Participants in Samhain would gather around a bonfire wearing costumes, usually made out of animals, and tell each others’ fortunes.

The advent of Christianity changed November 1, the Celtic New Year, into All-Saints’ Day — known as All-Hallows in Middle English. The night before became All-Hallow’s Eve which eventually turned into Halloween. For more see: Also, see how they celebrate The Day of the Dead in Latin America.

Halloween events in Vancouver

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Top 10 Tasteless Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Anna Rexia (also available in plus size – seriously!)

2. Britney Spears (under the influence)

3. Swirly Face (Christopher Paul Neil – Canadian Charged in Thailand)

4. Bruce Allen

5. Rev. Jerry Falwell

6. Kim Nowak (astronaut in diapers)

7. Suicide bomber

8. Anna Nicole Smith

9. Flaming Gay Dumbledore

10. Marcel Marceau (the late mime)

Or anything meeting the requirements: Too soon, too real and too tragic (California wildfire anyone?)


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