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Changes to Status of Women Canada funding

By Leslie Young Women’s organizations across Canada are adjusting to changes to Status of Women Canada funding. Some organizations might…

By Leslie Young , in , on December 5, 2007 Tags:

By Leslie Young

A poster in the Vancouver Status of Women office

Women’s organizations across Canada are adjusting to changes to Status of Women Canada funding. Some organizations might have to close if they do not receive funding under the new rules.

See the main story here.

The Women’s Program of Status of Women Canada provides funding to women’s organizations for projects that meet its criteria.

In Fall 2006, these criteria were changed significantly, as were many other aspects of the program.

The table below compares the Women’s Program as it existed in the summer of 2006 to what it looks like today.

  Summer 2006 Today
Mandate “To support action by women’s organizations and other partners seeking to advance equality for women by addressing women’s economic, social, political and legal situation.” “To facilitate women’s participation in Canadian society by addressing their economic, social and cultural situation through Canadian organizations.”
Budget $10.8 million $15.3 million
Organizations Eligible for Funding Non-profit organizations only Non-profit and for-profit both eligible
Programs Eligible for Funding Initiatives which:

  • Fall within the Women’s Program mandate;
  • Address one or more of the Program’s objectives and areas of focus;
  • Involve women who are affected in all aspects of the initiative (e.g., planning, Implementation, follow-up, and evaluation) and address their concerns; and,
  • Identify other potential sources of financial and/or “in kind” support.
Projects that:

  • Contribute to the achievement of the WP objective;
  • Occur within a specific timeframe;
  • Articulate demonstrable outcomes with a thorough and precise plan;
  • Involve women who are affected by the issue in all aspects of the project (e.g. planning, implementation, and evaluation); and,
  • Identify other sources of financial and/or “in-kind” support, which are confirmed in written form.
Programs Not Eligible for Funding
  • Provision of direct social or health services;
  • Emotional, spiritual, personal or professional development;
  • Recurring activities not directly related to a clearly defined change-oriented strategy.
  • Capacity building for organizations;
  • Research and polling activities;
  • Domestic advocacy activities and lobbying of federal, provincial and municipal governments;
  • Provision of direct services that fall within the jurisdiction of other levels of government; and,
  • On-going activities, including on-going operation and administration.

-Adapted from files from Status of Women Canada


  • I am happy Harper is finally doing something about “the Arts” and “Women’s Groups”. The funding comes out of taxpayer funds often to the detriment of many “other” groups.
    Women are already treated with more deference than they deserve. I am a woman that has competed in the business world all my life and NEVER have I lost out due to inadequate deference to my sex. It is not my gender that needs special treatment, it is competitive competent women that succeed; without government funding or interference.
    If these groups were touting “less Government” they might accomplish something. However, to date they have only alienated men and held their hand out for more Government “welfare funding”. Get off the dole, Get a job and stop pretending women are not treated fairly. Enough already.

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