Meet the Vancouver artist revealing the beauty of candid confessions

[fve][/fve] The Confessions Project, an installation by Vancouver artist Jamie Smith, taps into people’s desire to share their secrets by taking people’s anonymous confessions and turning them into art. Smith’s most recent exhibition was at the Crystal Gallery in Whistler, B.C.


Why I confess

Smith didn’t have to look far for people willing to give their confessions. She started with her friends and the project grew from there. People were eager to share their secrets primarily for the sense of release they got. Others share their confessions simply because it is “the thing to do”.


Why I listen

The Confessions Project drew in a crowd of roughly 50 people. They came for many reasons, but everybody felt a connection with some of the confessions. When you read a confession, you are connecting with a stranger who may have the same thoughts and feelings as you do.


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